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Do You Believe This?

WOW Tuesday | Kirby de Lanerolle | The Last Enemy Series

The Word of God is proceeding, and therefore in these ‘Last Days’ there is a ‘Last Trumpet’ that is sounding. If science and technology can advance over the years, that only means that the Revelation of Jesus Christ, who is the Word, who is the creator of All things will also advance with the generations. Jesus revealed this truth with his transfiguration (Matthew 17:5). The disciples who were used to the Law and the Prophets would see a new revelation of God’s love to mankind through Jesus. Believing in A saviour and going to Heaven after death is a teaching also proclaimed by the Law and Prophets. It was a teaching needed by that generation; Jesus upped the ante! Encompassing the old message and the new. clearly revealing himself proclaiming the Gospel of Lasting Life to Martha in John 11:26. Those words, revealed to us in this light, only now, was also Prophesied (Psalm 102:18). We do not need to lay the foundations of Heaven and Hell again and again; living backwards, waiting to escape the world and to enjoy our lives in heaven in the sweet by-and-by. Jesus offered us a UPGRADE to the old message! A brand-new, reality-defying, life-giving, peculiar word, that this World desperately needs. It will literally make you live longer. And we can already see this happening. The question is: Do you believe this?

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Know Your Enemy

WOW Sunday | Fiona de Lanerolle | The Last Enemy Series

What will you do when you hear a story of a man who rose from the dead? After being confirmed dead by multiple qualified sources? Would you believe if you could see scientific proof? Times are changing, the word of God is proceeding. Being lead by the Spirit and re-looking at old scriptures in a new un-familiar way is imperative to the body of Christ to face new odds with changing times, it cannot fight it with old swords given decades ago by Generals of God who to the best of their strength at that time preached the word and laid their lives down. A new Trumpet is blaring. There are sounds of a new Message, A peculiar Word… It’s carried by the winds of change blowing through the body of Christ right now, asking them to re-look at the Word of God with fresh eyes. There are truths that were hidden purely to our generation (according to David. Psalm 102:18). Rejecting this proceeding word is not accepting the Gun given to you, and going to war with a knife. WOWLife Church presents a Brand New Series: #TheLastEnemy, to speak the #GoodNews about a generation. A generation that has the potential to defy the Beggarly Laws, and beggarly elements that held the Body of Christ down captive and suffocated it for years, and rise victorious, defeating an enemy we all overlooked and patronized with: Death. Are you ready for this?
Full message to be released soon. Watch this space.

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Psych Diagrams (Repeat)

WOW Sunday | Kirby de Lanerolle | Psych-Ascension Series

Kirby de Lanerolle teaching this for the second time to make it much clearer. It’s so important that you watch the full message.

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