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Transcendent Heart

WOW Sunday | Fiona de Lanerolle | Heart Culture

We’ve all heard quotes like, “Love transcends time and love transcends death”. While they all create warm and fuzzy feelings for us and everyone around the world, that is not all what those words are here to do. Being children of God means much more than this 3 dimensional realm of quantities and binary judgments. The world excels at pushing our heads down to keep looking at the touch feel and see and make us panic at the petty emotional storms that traverse through our lives to keep us in old, fleshly cycles. Watch as Fiona de Lanerolle (ProphFi) brings to light the greatness of our inheritance and destiny in this brand new message from the Awesome #HeartCulture series, and remind us of who we really are: Children of a God who exists outside all known dimensions, and caretakers of a 3-D world bound by time, but not citizens of it. Citizens of a separate world, another kingdom, a kingdom that controls it all: The #KOG

The Advocate

WOW Tuesday | Kirby de Lanerolle | Heart Culture Series

Times are changing, old paradigms are disappearing. If you’re a follower of Jesus and believe you were made a son of God, you cannot relate to Him as you would a man. God wants you to get accustomed with the multi-dimensional nature of his being. And in this multi-dimensional state, we cannot rely on our binary system of perception and judgement. He wants us to be lead by His spirit and not by sight. You are so multi-dimensionally integrated into the kingdom that (Hold on to your hats) there is a court session that is ensuring every single moment of the day, 365 days a year in the realm of the spirit, in which Jesus is standing as your Advocate defending you before the father. Sounds too good to be true? Well it’s not, watch this life-transforming message in the #Heartculture series by Kirby de Lanerolle where he opens up yet another secret of the true gift of grace that was given to you when Christ died on the cross and break out of your 3 dimensional earthly mold! Mind you, this message will blow your mind!

Heart of a Son

WOW Sunday | Heart Culture Series | Fiona de Lanerolle

We all have had negative intentions! While almost all of us wouldn’t like to admit this fact, it’s true! We did, at some point in our life, “intend”. And there’s no getting around it…or is there a way around it…or rather, through it? Watch as PropFi explain how Jesus forgave not just the sin but the “Intention” behind the sin and what he truly meant when he said: “Forgive them for they KNOW NOT what they do…”

Do Humans Really Need to Eat? – Interview

We got special permission from Collective Evolution to post Kirby’s interview on this closed podcast (only registered members can watch). Please do not share or copy this as its restricted only to their members and now you 🙂 Collective Evolution is one of the largest alternate news and spiritual platforms. Here Kirby is speaking energy formulas and conscience.

Debt Cancellation

WOW Tuesday | Kirby de Lanerolle | Heart Culture Series

The repayment of sin has changed. A new method has come into play. Jesus paid. While we have heard this truth over and over again, have we truly understood the depth of what is being said here? If we did, our errors and the consequences of those errors would disappear instantly. We would be walking in power and authority over the law of sin and death. Watch as Kirby de Lanerolle explains the reason as to why we aren’t manifesting the glorious word that has been spoken over our lives and the importance of our conscience in truly understanding this new method of payment that was brought to us by the death of our Lord Jesus Christ. #wowlife #debtcancellation #conscience #HeartCulture


WOW Sunday | Fiona de Lanerolle | Heart Culture Series

Confronting someone…It’s very much frowned upon in today’s society. Instead, people have opted to hold offense and let time pass, and…wait for justice to be done? Watch Fiona de Lanerolle explain how un -scriptural this process is and contrast it with how the kingdom of God handles it. Another wonderful successor to the #HeartCulture Series, this message will break down the current notions of so called “Church Culture” and replace it with the true “Kingdom Culture”.

True Witness

WOW Tuesday | Kirby de Lanerolle | Heart Culture Series

Jesus was born into Scandal. Why would the Son of the God who created heaven and earth be born into one the worst circumstances you can be a part of in our modern world? Circumstances that would deem him illegitimate and unqualified? What point was he trying to make? Watch this deep exploration further into Heart Culture by Kirby as he unravels mysteries of the Heart that actually lie deep beneath all that we call “Normal Life”, and be set free into an abundant life that Jesus came to give!

Caught in a Trap

WOW Sunday | Heart Culture Series | Fiona de Lanerolle

There is no middle Ground. Jesus died a gruesome, painful, depressing, disease ridden death on the cross for you. There is no gruesome, painful or depressing event in your life that wasn’t covered by his Blood. Choosing to stay offended at the past is choosing death. Jesus covered it all. There is no more reason to harbor bitter offenses because his love covered a multitude of sins . ProphFi (Fiona de Lanerolle) explains more on the significance Secret Offenses in the life of a believer and how they affect the very life blood of our being.

Warning: Offensive Message

WOW Tuesday | Kirby de Lanerolle | Heart Culture Series

What is “Offence?”…The word OFFENCE is the same word as SCANDAL…was the original sin the passing on of a scandal? It is the “bitter root” of the Sycamine Tree….Zaccheus is a type of Jesus when he climbed the tree. Kirby de Lanerolle reveals the very nature of the WOOD OF THE CROSS… Get ready to be rocked with a brand new message in the #HeartCulture Series that will open your heart’s innermost secrets and reveal a truth that controls the very core of Humanity’s longevity!


WOW Tuesday | Tamara Raymond | WOWLife Church

The soul of Man is constantly receiving information. We don’t watch our eyes and ears during most parts of the day. It becomes an unconscious act of receiving everything that is thrown at us. Little do we know that these insignificant information will eventually collect and create giant, fortified imaginations that directly affect our words and then actions. Watch Tamara Raymond break down the mechanics of this unconscious flow of the Soul and teach us on how to filter out and submit only the Life Giving Word into our souls that will strengthen our spirit and quicken the body.

The Realm of Isaac and the Mould of Jesus

WOW Sunday | Ajai Vir Singh | WOWLife Church

We are mistaken if we believe that the dynamics of the kingdom of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ are limited to religious traditions that were passed down by our parents and elders. Every word of the Bible contains irrefutable facets of science and logic that have been tried out in real world scenarios and tested to be true. Ajai Vir Singh, a pioneer and mogul of the Fashion Industry shares some powerful truths in the word that he uses daily, for an intelligent church.

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