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Psych Diagrams

WOW Tuesday | Kirby de Lanerolle | Psych-Ascension Series

This episode of the Psych-Ascension series is exclusive to the podcast site members.


WOW Sunday | Fiona de Lanerolle (ProphFi)

Another episode of the epic Psych-Ascension series. ProphFi (Fiona de lanerolle) sets the pace for Kirby’s next remarkable teaching.

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Ascended Minds

WOW Sunday | Fiona de Lanerolle | Psych-Ascension Series

The Heart of Man (The Spirit) has already been rejuvenated in the blink of an eye by the Spirit of God once and for all as a believer receives Jesus into his life. But this is not the finished work of the Cross. Those who believe that this is purely what Jesus came to give mankind will live their lives submitted to the principalities, powers and laws of the world that govern the ‘Physical’ realm. This is why the church of Jesus Christ is oppressed, suppressed and not living the victorious and abundant life it was supposed to live on earth. What is crucial for Christians to realize is that the saving of the spirit of man is just the first step in a 3-step process that will bring heaven down to earth. It also very much involves the exercising of one’s ‘thoughts’, which play a vital role in controlling your day-to-day life here on earth. Watch this message by ProphFi (Fiona de Lanerolle) in the Psych- Ascension Series that will help you actualize the promises of God in your life and help you become more than a conqueror as according to Romans. Let’s break the myth, and look into the truth! And the truth has been revealed!

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Devil at the Thinking Level

WOW Tuesday | Kirby de Lanerolle

This message empowers Christians to attach the conscious mind to Spirit-inspired subconscious thoughts, i.e. Good News. ‘BELIEVING’ is something many Christians have overlooked when it comes to their walk of faith. Since so much prominence was given to the ‘Have Faith in God’ phrase in the Bible, we assume that ‘Believing’ is merely a ritualistic act carrying no significance. Many in the Church don’t understand that BELIEVING is a CONSCIOUS practice performed by the “CONSCIOUS MIND.”

Dont miss this latest installment of the Psych-Ascension series in which K (Kirby de Lanerolle) provides invaluable insight into “meditation” & “contemplation”

Mind-Heart Alignment

WOW Tuesday | Kirby de Lanerolle | Psych-Ascension Series

Are you ready to break an old paradigm?! #Psych-Ascension is the new series you have been waiting for. Welcome to WOW! A place where the Word of God is PROCEEDING!. K (Kirby de Lanerolle) preaches a revolutionary Word that breaks old understandings of “faith” and “believing”. What we know as ‘believing,’ as it was taught to us by our fathers, gets upgraded with this new and more in-depth understanding while preserving the foundations laid by the generals of God. Dive deeper into the word ‘Faith’ and the word ‘Believing’ and experience the power of the proceeding Word of God. It is a beautiful sight to behold! Or rather a Word to hear! We won’t say much, watch the message and find out! A new series by WOWLife


Burning Man

WOW Sunday | Fiona de Lanerolle | Series: Conscience

Our Perception of His goodness is crucial to our growth and evolution. The entire history of man’s failing can be traced back to one thing—his inability to identify God’s goodness. The adverse situations we face on a daily basis are constant nudges by various principalities trying to trick us into ignoring God’s goodness that is very present around us at EVERY moment of the day. PropFi (Fiona de Lanerolle) explains, using the very controversial example of the Syrophonecian woman, that choosing to see the goodness of God in every situation of our lives can bring the change we want to see in stagnant situations. Watch and be imparted .

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